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Meet Cindy


I met Cindy at a grocery store, she is very bubbly, pretty and she makes you instantly feel comfortable around her, I was new to the neighborhood. Cindy and I met up for Coffee the other day and as time went on I learned a thing or two about Cindy. I noticed that Cindy has a very ironic life but somehow, I feel connected to her and I love listening to her stories.

It all started the first time I went to Cindy’s place, we were sitting there, chatting while our kids were playing.

"This is it,how ironic." Cindy said, "It’s 1 in the afternoon and all I can think of is the life I built. Married to a wonderful husband with three children, at the age of 40, living in a 3 story house in a beautiful quiet neighborhood". 

Indeed the neighborhood was beautiful, it looks like it came out of a hollywood show. The housewives all seems perfect, lavished gardens, handsome husbands, kids running around the yard, located in a small town in Europe, Germany. It has it’s own little bakery downtown, a little meatshop right across, a town school (from grade-school through high-school), a townhall, a town surrounded with hills and forests, it is the epitome of perfection. 

"What do you mean?" I asked her. 

"It’s just that, you know, I never wanted to get married. Never wanted kids at all but I liked them. It wasn’t the path I was planned to take and sometimes, I think to myself, how did I end up here?. I wanted to be a hotel manager and travel the world, a strong independent woman who everyone admires and adores. I worked so hard to push my life towards that direction and strangely I ended up here.” She said.

"Are you not happy?" I was curious.

"Oh good gracious, kiddo, no, that’s not it, I am very happy and actually, I feel fulfilled. It’s just ironic, how happy I am with the life I didn’t want to end up in the first place at all." she said all that with a dreamy smile on her face. 

"How come you’re thinking of all that right now?" I asked.

"We’re moving out of Germany soon, my husband wants to go back to the States to his family and now all of my memories are all coming back, from day one. The life I built here, my experiences." 

Hearing all that from her made me wonder, you see all these women, different types of women, and then there’s Cindy, you think she is just this layed back, perfect housewife but then you find out there is a story behind every woman. Cindy made me curious, she is not yet old, yet, her eyes shows that she has a lot to tell, I wonder what it is. 

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